The GigaMartinique app (www.bsk1.com/gigamartinique) is the simple version of a more complex and complete language learning application, Ear2Memory (free PDF: www.Ear2Memory.com).

To run the GigaMartinique audio files in Ear2Memory, install the free app from Google Play Store: www.bsk1.com/e2m.

Now download the GigaMartinique snippet file to your phone or tablet: www.bsk1.com/gmSnippets (snippets tell Ear2Memory how to divide the GigaMartinique audios into short segments.)

To import the snippets,

  1. Open the Ear2Memory menu (the three vertical dots at the upper right hand corner).
  2. Select ‘Snippets’, then ‘Import’ and check GigaMartinique001_010.e2m.
  3. Finally, click the small clock symbol at the upper right hand corner of the screen. A short confirmation message should appear at the bottom of the screen.


Now everything’s in place to tap into the power of Ear2Memory. (Of course, you have installed the GigaMartinique audio files, haven’t you: www.bsk1.com/gigamartinique ?) Click the folder button (the top of the middle-sized buttons on the right), select the GigaMartinique album and then an audio file, for example ‘GigaMartinique 001’. The audio starts playing.

Now click the ‘Repeat Button’.

Ear2Memory immediately starts repeating every single snippet three times.

Longclick the ‘Repeat Button’ to select a different number of repeats.

Do you figure out how Ear2Memory will accelerate your Martinique creole training?